Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Morning Shuffles

This morning as I lay dozing in the warmth of my wonderful bed I heard a strange, quite, noise. It wasn’t my sleeping hubby. Nor was it coming from our basset-corgi mix, he was asleep on my bathroom rug. What could it be? The shuffling kept getting louder and louder.

Then I remembered that we’d recently switched our son to a “big boy” bed in preparation for my recovery days. But I’ve been keeping his door closed (always has been closed at night before) so he couldn’t escape. So it couldn’t be him, RIGHT? I even checked our video monitor and thought I saw a lump on the bed that was “Noah”. However, as the shuffling noise reached our bedroom door and I propped my tired sleepy-eyed self up, lo and behold it was Noah shuffling into our bedroom!

Apparently Daddy left his bedroom door cracked just a bit last night. At first I was slightly irritated at my husband for this “error”. However, the sight of my beautiful baby (Uh, I mean “BIG” boy) in his adorable green fleece footy pajamas was enough to melt my slight irritation. I lifted him up into bed and we all got some snuggle time in before our day need to begin.

It’s times like these that make me so thankful to the LORD for blessing me with such cute, preciousness!

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