Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Project Life

Right around the New Year I was seeing a few pins here and there on Pinterest about something called Project Life. Oh! And for you sad souls that don’t know what Pinterest is yet you’ve got to check it out! Even my hubby is getting on the pinning-wagon! Now, back to what I was saying…Pinterest pins about Project Life and these women who were blogging about their “Title Page 2012” and “Week One”

So, Project life, what is that? After conducting a google search I came across the website for Becky Higgins and Project Life. In the easiest terms and taken directly from her website, Project Life “simplifies how you document life and preserve memories”.

Here is where a couple of things hit home. I WANT to document and preserve our life and memories. And I definitely NEED something SIMPLE. I need simple not because I don’t like crafting or “scrap booking” but because I am a young wife and mother (soon to be again) and want to spend my PRECIOUS craft time on other projects.

After debating the cost and looking at more pins about other women and their Project Life 2012 starts I decided that this WAS for me and I needed to get started ASAP! I also decided that I would rather purchase the supplies from Project Life/Becky Higgins to make it easier and simpler for me in the long run. You can take the project life concept and use any material/tools you have on hand but remember I needed SIMPLE!

To Amazon I went and there was an order placed and my supplies arrived last week during the “week of sickness”, which you can read about here. I am very excited to get started later today on my Title Page and am hoping to get caught up by next Monday.

Oh and BTW, I decided I needed a “scheduled” time to do my weekly spreads in or I would never stick to the commitment. I have set aside Monday afternoons for completing the prior week’s spread. Now obviously LIFE my change this at any point in time but I needed a committed time slot (or to BE committed, into a mental hospital…).

SO, go check out Project Life AND Pinterest! You may never be the same!

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